“We are thrilled with the way F&S has approached our project. They have been flexible, diligent, but also visionary. They have taken a very nice setting and have made it spectacular. The nicest part about it is that it’s been a real collaboration. From what it will look like to which contractors would be used, Jennifer has strived to include us in the process. Throughout, she has listened to us and has incorporated our needs with her vision. When I expressed an interest in bird watching and feeding, she made sure to incorporate shrubs and plants that would attract them. When we mentioned that we had a problem with standing water, she moved up the dry creek bed installation into phase 1. And, as a supply chain professional familiar with the bidding process and contract work, I’ve felt very comfortable in turning these activities over to Jennifer. We can’t wait until we break ground and can enjoy our new surroundings.”

Craig and Sandy Toth


"We are so glad we found F & S Design. We had long neglected our outdoor space and really had no idea where to start. Thanks to Jennifer’s vision things are starting to finally take shape. The back deck/pool area is complete and the front yard is well underway. None of these "transformations" would have been possible without Jennifer (and you too Michelle)! We can not thank you enough!!!"

Tammy Rutland


"F&S Design was able to achieve a park-like setting amidst all of the concrete, asphalt and brickwork on the medical campus. While there were many existing shrubs, trees and flowers, Jennifer was able to introduce new life, texture, color and design while still overcoming all of the existing permanent aesthetic issues. She introduced stone-scape where appropriate and designed each entrance uniquely. Lastly, both Michelle and Jennifer were absolutely great to work with! They were open to any suggestions I had and helped me to implement my ideas into a beautiful design and added their own creativity and expertise to develop the perfect final result I had only hoped would occur when the project began. A-number 1 team!"

Cynthia Potts
HEALTH CARE REIT, Inc. Management Services Group


“Thank you very much for everything you did to get us through this project, everyone that has come to see it has been very impressed, and we are so happy with all the spaces and sitting areas that have been created, (which was one of my primary goals) and what is really nice is that where ever you are, inside the house or outside, the landscaping really looks spectacular from any view.”

Mark A. Dean AIA
DeanSutton Architects


“We utilize F&S to help us create a tasteful and economical approach for our downtown facades. In addition, we use F&S where a professional landscaping design is needed to compliment a specific area within our downtown redevelopment plan. We have been extremely pleased with the results.”

James Sullivan
Director Lumber City Development Corporation
NorthTonawanda, NY


“Our charge to F&S was that we wanted something very special that would make a statement to the business world and possibly create a “Gateway” feeling as motorists enter the central business district from the Rt. 33 exit ramp that becomes Oak Street at our curb. The end product was stunning in that everything we’d once envisioned was now on a computer screen or pictured on a display board. The 3-D modeling was very beneficial."

Philip Riggs
ECIDA/BUDC Facilities/Site Management


“I am extremely happy with the design of the landscaping around the building and in the parking lots, especially the layout of the large green area designed for student use in the south lot. The creative use of varied materials for both seating and paved areas and the sensitivity of the lighting and plant material placement will provide our students with a peaceful outdoor setting during the more clement times of the year.”

C. Jake Schneider, AIA
Developer-Manager THE LOFTS AT 136


"The landscape of my house was a little dated and needed some improvement. While I was willing to do the actual work myself, relying on the neighborhood nursery did not appear to be enough. I wanted to ratchet the quality of the work up a few notches. This is where F&S came in.

Jennifer met with me at home and for two hours she studied the surroundings, patiently listening to my ideas and those of my wife, ultimately coming up with a thorough and quick plan for the landscape. It showed all the plantings, including location, quantity, sizes and species, and all other amenities like walks, boulders, flagstone areas, etc. She even suggested ideas for improving the overall outside experience, aside from just our plantings. I now have a plan of action for the future, done by a professional, at a very reasonable cost.

I am actively recommending F&S to every one of my neighbors and friends."

Gus – Williamsville, New York


"We cannot say enough about the outstanding back yard that we have thanks to Jennifer’s design. Working with Jennifer and Michelle was a pleasure. Everything was handled in a thorough and professional manner. All correspondence was handled with prompt and courteous service.

We had a total back yard makeover. We watch the HGTV home improvement shows and wondered why we in WNY do not have such a service. Well, now I know we do, after researching a little, we found F&S Design Studio. Jennifer met with us and designed our yard in a functional and beautiful way. Our remodel gave us the privacy and beauty we were looking for. We added a fence, patio, water feature, and landscaping.

Jennifer also acted as our contractor. She obtained quotes based on her design and then she saw to it that our plans became a reality. We would highly recommend this talented and cooperative young woman for your design needs. She is very knowledgeable about plant material and architectural design.

Jennifer went the extra mile when it came to making her design come to life, we love our new back yard space. Now we need the nice weather to truly enjoy it!"

Tom & Francine – Hamburg, New York


"We had been putting our back yard "overhaul" on hold for some years because we just could not find the design that we wanted. We had even had one architect firm draw up three different designs for us, but we just could not commit to any of them. We were very excited the day we found F& S Design on the internet, because their ideas seemed so fresh and looked like something you see on the HGTV makeover programs.

Our initial meeting with Jennifer, made us very hopeful that we had finally found the design company we were looking for! Jennifer seemed very detail oriented and she was a great listener to what our needs and mostly dreams were. The very first design that we received back from F&S was almost perfect! It included all the components that we had asked for, a cozy dining area, a bar/ grilling area, a fire pit area, wrap around deck, and pool and spa area. And it was so well thought out and matched our taste in what we like with regard to the design elements.

Few changes had to be made, as with any plan, but more so because of measurements, than the actual design. When the second design was delivered, with both green scape and hard scape, we truly knew that F&S design had created our back yard paradise! Throughout the whole process, which was faster than we had anticipated, we very much enjoyed working with Jennifer and Michelle. They always followed up in a timely manner, always delivered their deliverables on time and needless to say they are very talented. Thank you Jennifer and Michelle!"

Mark & Carin – Lakeview, New York


"Jennifer created a design for our backyard that fit our contemporary aesthetic, which exceeded our expectations. She was able to see our style and translate to the landscaping on her first draft; a feat which no one else was able to do. I would highly recommend Jennifer’s design services to anyone. Thank You Jennifer for an Outstanding Job!!"

Michelle Mullen


“We had this great waterfront view but no way to enjoy it, so on a reference from one of their previous clients, we called Jennifer and Michelle to help us out with a design that maximized our ability to enjoy the view and increase the utility of the property. The girls came out came out, interviewed us to understand what we were looking for and took pictures. By the time we were done talking, it was clear that Jennifer had a vision for our place.
Well, when it came time to see her design we were blown away. It was perfect and I remember thinking that if the final product looked anything like the design, it would be incredible. It was a great combination of style that emphasized the house, landscaping that framed it beautifully and flatwork which met all of our needs for a patio and extended driveway. The project eventually got started after checking out some contractors (always the hardest part) and the challenge was on. In our case, the weather put up a few obstacles along with some unexpected (contractor induced) issues which eventually were resolved. So late in the fall, the hard work was completed and what remained was to pick out the landscaping materials.
Jennifer was great to work with and very flexible. She worked around our schedule, met as at the nursery and helped us make specific decisions on the plants, bushes and trees selected for the property (love the trees). When it came time to do the planting, we asked Jennifer to manage the process and placements of the products to ensure integrity to the design – wish we had done that with the flatwork. Being familiar with the nursery and crew, Jennifer provided guidance and instructions that were followed to the letter. We had elected to do the plant/bushes planting  and mulching ourselves and Jennifer helped with the placements and instructions. It was hard work but it was nice to be involved in the project. The final product was stunning. We are now looking forward to spring when the plants, bushes and trees come to life and bloom. Can’t wait to put a patio set in place and enjoy the river on the beautiful spring, summer and fall days to come.
Jennifer and Michelle have transformed our house with previously cluttered landscaping into a beautiful area where we can enjoy the outdoors. We would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their property and corresponding value.”

Frank and Kathryn Larracuente


"Jennifer was fantastic to work with. I enjoyed how clearly she understood my needs and aesthetics. I was given visual materials to work with and options to make critical design decisions with. Her personal yet professional approach allowed us to be bold in the design without having any reservations about the outcome. Our project also came within budget and I highly recommend F&S Design Studio."

Lisa Langer, President Pencil In The River Studio, Inc.


"Working with Jen & Michelle was such a pleasure. We had no idea what would work in our less than desirable landscape. Talk about absolutely no clue, more importantly absolutely no curb appeal!!!!! When Jen came back with the renderings we could not believe that this is what our very unwelcoming house could look like. They also make recommendations for landscape contractors who are very professional."

Russ and Darlene Ellis – West Seneca, New York